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About the IEC experience

The Integral European Conference is where the Integral action is! It is providing one of the most sophisticated, up-to-date, genuinely Integral (not pretenders), most exciting source of fundamental and leading-edge Integral ideas and practices to be found anywhere in the world. Come join us!

Ken Wilber

founder of integral theory

This was the best conference I have ever been to.

Susanne Cook-Greuter

principal Cook-Greuter associates

It’s been a real trill and honour to be here at the conference, listen to others and meet a number of my friends, that I’ve known for many-many years. It was kind of a homecoming for me.

Dr. Don Beck

founder of Spiral Dinamics

A wonderful event with wonderful people, wonderfully organized.

Ervin Laszlo

director and co-founder of the Ervin Laszlo institute for advanced study

major integral domains

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YES, if you are

an integral practitioner

and want to stay informed about what’s hot in the integral world, see who is doing what, learn and connect.


a leader or change maker

Learn how other leaders and change makers apply the integral approach creatively; see what is cutting edge on the field; learn from failures and successes of people who are doing the actual integral work in the real world.


a coach, psychologist or psychotherapist 

to learn ways how to work with individuals from a developmentally conscious integral perspective.

an entrepreneur and business leader,

and you seek ways how to smartly apply integral theory in business and entrepreneurship and how to combine success with humaneness.

an organizational development expert

learn where the integral movement is in the TEAL and Holacracy tracks, and what are the most evolved applications of higher stages on the field of work. How self-organising, evolutionary purpose and wholeness transforms companies, people and work.

a spiritual practitioner or spiritual leader

how to meet the needs of the 21st century spiritual seekers by combining masterfully the spiritual transpersonal and the personal dimenson of the self; and how to apply it in your own path and in guiding others.


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